OR.F.E.O. (ORchestrator For Enterprise, Omniplatform) – Multiplatform and distributed blockchain orchestrator of automated processes for B2B supply chain management.


The OR.F.E.O. project is aimed at developing a supply chain orchestration platform that perfectly meets the inherent objectives:

  • The key enabling technology: Information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • The application sector: Intelligent factory
  • The theme: High efficiency production processes and for industrial sustainability
  • The sub-themes: Modeling and simulation for the Sustainable Supply Chain Tools for the management of collaborative businesses and dynamic supply chains


The goal of the OR.F.E.O. project is implementing an advanced distributed and cross platform orchestration system, integrated with blockchain for the management of business processes for the supply chain in B2B mode, with integration functionality with ERP software through RPA tools.

The orchestration system proposed by Code Architects Srl will allow the assembly of a set of activities (or services) in order to create specific business processes, reducing the costs and complexity resulting from the integration of services offered by different parties. The orchestration system will also offer a platform, that is simple to use and yet very powerful. The latter will be able to perform various types of activities on heterogeneous computing devices, integrating natively with blockchain technologies (e.g. to improve transparency, security, decentralization and supply chain costs).


Blockchain, IOT, Cloud, Robot Process Automation are the main components of the OR.F.E.O. Research and Development project proposed by Code Architects, which has the objective of optimizing and efficiently managing supply chain processes, with particular attention to the management of data analysis (also in real time) and to the use of the cloud to improve efficiency and profitability.

Through the development of OR.F.E.O., Code Architects plans to place the said product as a tool and technology capable of managing the supply chain, even for particularly complex processes. In addition to the product OR.F.E.O. Code Architects will offer the customization services that are necessary to manage the various IT systems and processes of companies and partners in B2B mode.

OmniAGV 4.0

Omnidirectional automated guided vehicle, enabling for Industry 4.0 specifications.

Project code: X7H8LZ3

“Intervention co-financed under the POR Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020 Priority axis 1

Research, technological development, innovation Action 1.6 “Interventions to strengthen the regional and national innovation system and increase of collaboration among companies and research structures and their strengthening” INNONETWORK CALL Aid to support R&D activities”


The final objective of the project consists in the study and development of an internal company logistics system based on a fleet of omnidirectional autonomous driving vehicles (AGVs), with low integration impact, and ability to behave autonomously and intelligently for interaction with environments, people and things.


This project has the ambitious goal of creating a new generation of autonomous vehicles (AGVs) used for the transport of trolleys within the logistical context of an industrial plant that integrate into the environment in which they operate without the need for changes to the workspaces or heavy reviews of the logistics processes already in place.