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Code Architects is a software company specialized in software development of enterprise class applications. We have developed customized software solutions all over the world.

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Advisory & Consulting

Methodologies - Assessment - Planning - Innovation - Transformation

Software Development

Methodologies - Architecture - Microservices - Frontend - Backend - Mobile - Database - Containerisation - Enterprise - Cloud


Methodologies - POC - Planning - Implementation


Methods - Windows/Linux - Cloud - Infrastructure as Code - Artefacts/Registers - Build and Testing - CI/CD - Containers - Cluster Management and Orchestration - Terminal and Scripting

Cloud Services

IaaS - PaaS - SaaS - Microsoft Azure - Amazon AWS - Google Cloud Platform

Service Management

Platform Management - Application Support - Infrastructure Provisioning and Management - System Administration - Data Storage Services - Network Administration - Remote Team

Code migration that just works

VB Migration Partner is an innovative conversion software, by VB guru Francesco Balena, that helps you port VB6 applications to .NET. It supports virtually all VB6 features and controls, and generates .NET applications with fewer errors and in less time than any other conversion tool on the market.

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Code Architects was founded in 2002 by Francesco Balena and Giuseppe Dimauro, two renowned authors of technical books and former Microsoft MSDN Regional Directors

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